Welcome to our secure Client Portal

We care about the integrity of your personal and tax information. That’s why we use SmartVault. It was designed specifically for accountants and their clients and is fully integrated with our tax system and QuickBooks. It offers state-of-the-art document sharing and storage.

Your documents are secure and always available

SmartVault provides industry standard security measures such as bank-level encryption, authentication and access controls.

It’s easy to use

Once we invite you via email, you accept our invitation, set up your account – by setting up a password; your email address will be your account ID. You can upload or download secure documents via your phone, tablet or desktop. Contact us if you haven’t used SmartVault before.

  1. Sign into SmartVault.

  2. Select the folder to which you will upload the document. As a Guest or Client user, you might need to upload files to a folder in the SmartVault
  3. Click the Upload File button.